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What's That Smell?!

My 2-year-old has a famous tagline: “Wus dat smell?” Apparently he has a sensitive nose. Ha! When he says his famous words, it always makes me laugh. Recently though, it reminded me of something I heard over 10 years ago.

You are responsible for the "AROMA" of your home.

You might be thinking, "What?! I am responsible for the aroma of my entire home? Like the stench??? That’s a lot of pressure!"

Hang with me... Recently at a women’s conference I attended, the teacher challenged us to check the aroma of our homes.

As wives & moms, we are the leaders of our families and can follow this aroma check to ensure that we are creating an environment of depth and purpose...but it requires intention!

  • A - Affection

  • R - Respect

  • O - Order

  • M - Merriment

  • A - Affirmation

Ooohhh, I get it now. The way she broke it down was such an easy way to recall how we as moms can create a reeking stench or create a sweet smelling aroma within our families.

AROMA has to do with the tone you set in your home.


When was the last time you showed your kid, teenager (eek!), or spouse AFFECTION? Physical touch shows them you are present & care for them.

High five, hold hands, hug, or even sneak in a big smooch.

These small touches will not only surprise them but they will fill their cup in a deep, meaningful way. Since we are around each other all the time now, stress can be high; it’s easy to be irritated and push those closest to you away. Resist the urge, and draw in closer - hold them tight!


RESPECT is SO important, especially for your sons + husband (Recognizing Your Sons Need for Respect is a great FREE tool on this topic).

Create a home where respect of others is the standard and remember that you set that standard by how you treat them. Your negative tone or snarky response can create an environment of sarcasm and shame, not honesty and tender concern. How does your home smell so far? Ouch, I know!


ORDER, organization, & a plan is what can create a sense of security in your family so they know what to expect. Counter the urge to fly with the wind, but come up with creative ideas to build deeper relationships, pass the time together in significant ways, + contribute to the function of the home. In another recent blog of mine, Long Lost Chores, I listed some ideas to create order. Meal plans and shopping lists help with this, even a daily schedule or a weekly calendar so the entire family can plan ahead. (But you already knew that, didn’t you! :)


A household of MERRIMENT enjoys one another even when times are stressful or difficult (hello, COVID-19!). They create memories and build strong bonds in the mundane things like cooking pancakes, family hide & seek , or even while washing the car. If you have older children, play video games WITH them, try out different hacks on Youtube TOGETHER or even re-watch that Disney movie, again, over a bowl of popcorn (...”Into the Unknownooooooooowwwwnnn! Ah ah ah ahhhhhhh”).

You can even try the Adventure Challenge Family Edition if you’re wanting to step up your game. It’s simply about ensuring that light-heartedness is felt and found with intentional practices.


Every single one of us needs to know we have a cheerleader, a person in our corner that’s encouraging us to press on. This AFFIRMATION helps us to keep going and living in the purpose we were created for.

You, ladies, have the opportunity to speak life giving and affirming words into the people you love the most, words that could alter the course of their lives.

So, mama, be sure to stop and ask yourself, “What’s that smell?” If the AROMA is strong, sweet, & flowing in the right direction: keep it up!

But, if the AROMA of you house stinks, now is the best time to make some changes. Make one small adjustment at time - you could even start by making the bed. ;)

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