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How Joy Can Co-exist with Trouble

4 (short AND long) years ago on August 17th, 2016 was an exact depiction of the *JOY* I talk about all the time. Especially when it comes to how joy & troubles can, and do, co-exist.

How pain, anxiety, fear, & crazy life “trials” can absolutely co-exist with insane amounts of blessing, beauty, & purpose - when you’re willing to see it. 💪🏽 

My son Taj hit the scene after months of tests, worried predictions, tons of concerns, & crazy potential diagnosis’.

Not only were the prior months HEEEEAVY & fear-driven, but his entrance into the world came like a movie scene:

My induced labor seemed to be going “fine” but after a routine check, I found myself being raced through the halls of the hospital (without my husband) and put under immediate anesthesia for an emergency C-section due to a prolapse umbilical cord.

Waking hours later, alone (again) and in excruciating pain, I had no idea where my child was nor who anyone around me was (oh, and, did I mention the pain?!).

Come to find out his *amazing* father was handed our (healthy!) newborn and quickly realized he needed skin-to-skin so whipped his shirt off and did what he had to do. 🤣 

I could go on and on about the pure insanity it was to learn the special techniques and accommodations we had to make in life just to feed & care for our son who then went through procedure after surgery after treatment (and has many more interventions to come).....


The beauty is this: *JOY* drove the entire experience - and still does to this day! Even in the fear, the unknown, the worry...the foundation of it all was *JOY.*

  • Was it easy? No.

  • Was it clear? Nu-uh. 

  • We’re we happy all the time? Heck no. 

That didn’t (and doesn’t!) stop the beauty of Taj’s story from unfolding, though, and it certainly doesn’t stop me from being grateful, aware, & full of intention as I continue to learn how best to be his mama.

*JOY* - true joy - can be your foundation when you choose to cultivate it.

  • Will it be easy? Nope. 

  • Will you know clearly how to? Probably not. 

  • Will you be happy all the time? 💯 no. 

  • Will it be worth it, though?! Absolutely. 

Friends, take time to tap into your unique *JOY* when the sun is shining and when things are good because in an instant, they could (and will!) look otherwise.

Need help? I got ya!

Sign up for a FREE 30 minute call to talk about how I can encourage YOU to do what you can to discover your joyful foundation now so that WHEN, not if, trouble comes your way, you too will see how the 2 (trouble & joy) can healthily co-exist no matter what. 

Happiest of 4th birthdays to my little man who has painfully AND more importantly, *JOYFULLY* already taught me how to be the healthiest, most *JOYFUL* me I can be.

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