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Getting Healthy to Physically Cultivate More *JOY*

(Guest Post)

COVID hit the world pretty quick & pretty hard - sending our daily tasks into a convoluted maze of navigating the stores for groceries and toilet paper.

But as busy ladies, what do we do? Adapt. 💪

Its what we do best. We made the face masks, got the gloves, & headed to the stores equipped with hand sanitizer in every pocket.

This virus has changed the course of many families' long-term plans - travel, working arrangements + hours, and social events we were alllllll looking forward to.

BUT! We do NOT have to allow this virus to affect the long-term course of our every day joy.

As busy women we need to preserve the things that bring us joy. By incorporating simple healthy habits into our “new normal,” our mind + body will learn to make space for appreciating joy in the daily tasks, even if most of your time is spent inside your house - ALL. DAY. LONG. 🤦‍♀️

When it comes to holistic health, I love to simplify it to this phrase: we are not what we eat, rather we are what we absorb.

What we put in our mouth (healthy foods, junk foods, or certain medications) affects our entire body, and will ultimately affect our joy. If you are what you absorb, you need to ensure you put good quality foods into your body. Making a few easy + healthy lifestyle shifts can fill you with joy both mentally AND physically.

As a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 10 years, I can see how the mouth body connection is super important now more than ever.

The mouth body connection is the understanding of what we put in our mouths and how it affects our body (and mind) as a whole.

Healthy practices, like simply taking a deep inhale + exhale can help clear your mind, and help ease an already overwhelming (quarantine) day. In addition, adding foods that are alive can have a tremendous overall effect in alleviating the body of any underlying issues like brain fog or achy joints. In fact, here's an interview with even more flavor on this subject. 📺

I treat my dental patients and my clients from a holistic perspective. Chronic issues like bleeding gums, ‘Mom Brain,” and achy joints may all be balanced with nutrient dense foods and lifestyle. I have a certificate in Nutritional Therapy which is the understanding of how food can be utilized as a healing agent for the integral workings of the body. As such, I wanted to share my 3 favorite ways to help YOU get started in further supporting your health for just a little guessed it - JOY! 🥳️

Top 3 Physical Habits for a Healthier YOU:

  • Mindful eating: Taking 5 deep breaths before eating your food can change your digestion process almost immediately. Your mind and your stomach need to be on the same page. Help them get on the same page by slowing down to breathe, chewing your food thoroughly, and enjoying the different flavors. Your saliva (spit!) has great digestive enzymes in it, so chew your food enough to cover your food with your saliva.

  • Drinking warm lemon water in the morning, before eating breakfast. Hydration is key for soooooo many functions of the body. This encourages detoxification early in the day, to ensure toxins are out and minerals are in. Our immune system is heavily affected by the health of our detoxication system. When the body’s detox pathways are burdened (many times by eating highly processed or sugary foods), the immune system can't work to its full potential. Since many aspects of COVID are still unknown, I’ve encouraged ALL my clients to continue with daily detox protocols to keep their health in tip top shape. Want to learn more? Check out how to get started with nutritional therapy here.

  • Eat fermented foods, or consider trying a probiotic and/or digestive enzyme. Fermented foods are full of good bacteria. The good bacteria give you a healthier intestinal tract and allow for more frequent elimination, a key to immune function. It is necessary to have proper balance between good and bad bacteria in “the gut.” In addition, it's super important to keep this harmony throughout the mouth to prevent bad bacteria from causing problems with the teeth and mouth creating issues. Try fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, or kombucha tea.

Take a moment to see how these 3 simple health tips can fit into your life. Make changes slow and steady to see how your body reacts and ultimately, makes room for new levels of joy!

COVID does not have to rock your whole world. It can be used as an opportunity to benefit your family! Besides allowing for more time together to bond, this time at home has allowed many of my clients to hone in on their health. Incorporating new habits keeps their joy and their family’s health in great condition - and it can for you too!

EnJOY! 🎉



Analee Nichols is a Registered Dental Hygienist of 10 + years in the dental field. Her career has taken her to multiple volunteer dental mission trips to different parts of the world, as well as dental education opportunities. These experiences gave her the drive to study more about overall holistic health and get a certificate as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her passion is to educate her patients on their mouth health as well as their overall health. She loves connecting with her clients by helping them get to the root cause of their dental and health problems. In her spare times she loves spending time with her family, walking her dogs and gardening.

To learn more about supporting your mouth health and overall wellness head over to

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