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What Is Transition Anxiety?

Why do I feel so overwhelmed in the middle of change?

Have you every asked yourself this question? I know I have...many times. It seems that whenever life throws a curve ball, my anxiety is first to jump to the plate and take over. You know what I mean?

Can you relate?

So, what is transition anxiety, how do we identify it in our lives AND most importantly, how do we fight back against it?

First, transition anxiety is simply the stress and anxiousness that creeps in when you are facing change or resistance.

You know the feeling: heart palpitating, butterflies in your stomach, putting up an arm as if it can stop the change that's coming. We've all been there in different ways at different stages of life. It's inevitable - things change. Circumstances change. Everything changes.

So, how do you call out your own anxiety around transition AND fight back?

Here are 5 ways to turn the anxiety you may feel when it comes to change in life - which is inevitable - and use it as energy to thrive:

  1. Define what success is to YOU.

  2. Choose habits, routines, & rituals which move you in the direction of YOUR success a little bit at a time.

  3. Find ways to remain motivated to maintain your habits.

  4. Be open to grow, learn, pivot, & adapt.

  5. Help others do the same.

1. Define what success is to YOU.

To get started, take 5 minutes, grab a journal, & jot down the answers to the following questions:

  • What is success is to me?

  • How does it look + feel?

  • What are the results of it in my life?

  • When do I feel most alive?

  • What, if taken away from me in life, would be crushing?

  • If I didn't do X at some point in life, I would be disappointed in my outcomes.

These are all great ways to begin defining your own definition of success. Don't use external influences to measure it for you; find what feels good to YOU, and use that as your guide.

2. Choose habits, routines, & rituals which move you in the direction of YOUR success a little bit at a time.

You're already trying to decrease transition anxiety so let's take it slow. Identify the habits you already have. Inevitably some are great already and some need to go. Take stock of ALL this. Check back in with your unique definition of success and then focus on slightly adapting 1 habit at a time as not to overwhelm yourself (again).

Here are some journal prompts to get you started:

  • What do I do first thing in the morning?

  • Can I make 1 small adjustment and commit to something healthier each day?

  • How can I create space in my day to recognize what I may be doing habitually that is helpful AND harmful?

  • Am I ready to make change?

Need a place to start? It can be easy! Start each day by simply making your bed. It may seem small BUT it's an incredibly good habit which sets the trajectory of each day towards accomplishment, peace, & order.

3. Find ways to remain motivated to maintain your habits.

Do what you need to do to set yourself up for success. Take it slow, start small, & ensure you're being honest with yourself. Additionally, change is always tough - so show yourself grace!

Success (and ultimately joy!) is the product of daily habits. The good news? It doesn't matter your current level of success - what does matter is whether your daily habits are putting you on a path to what you define as success.

Remember that motivation is internal, needs to be rewarded, & is based on being open to listening + learning! Be sure to surround yourself with people of all types who can encourage and support you.

Sometimes it's easier to have a set of ears that isn't active in your day to day. That's where I come in! Want to chat about your transition anxiety and how to get unstuck? Setup a FREE call with me today to identify good habits you can implement today!

4. Be open to grow, learn, pivot, & adapt.

Change is typically pointing you in the direction of growth - if you allow it! In fact, I believe that we find peace when we recognize that pain and pauses in life are simply protective planning in action.

Just 1 question for you here: are you waiting well?

Patience is key when it comes to thriving despite the anxiety caused by transition. Pauses (which is when you're in the middle of watching change take place in life) are places meant to strengthen our resolve.

Are you willing to take time to wait and see what curve ball life is throwing you to determine how best you can react instead of letting anxiety get the best of you?

5. Help others do the same.

Fighting anxiety is sometimes easiest when you get out of your head and extend a helping hand to someone else. We're all struggling with stress, the unknown, and anxiety in so many facets in life. What if, amidst your transition anxiety, you put your worries aside and helped someone else in need? Not only would you redirect your own negative self-talk towards uplifting, positivity, but you just may make all the difference in the world for someone else in the process. #WinWin

One of the best things to meditate on when you identify your own transition anxiety is that your outcomes in life are simply following your habits. YOU GET WHAT YOU REPEAT! So, take account of what it is you're doing AND what you can adapt to get yourself to a place of thriving today.

Need a little extra motivation and support to get on the right track? Join my group coaching program for women in transition. Let's decrease that anxiety around inevitable change, together!

Want even more?! Yes! Go a little deeper at the following link & by joining my mail list:

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