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Organization Tip #1 For Us Busy Moms: Make That Bed

As busy as we are these days, sometimes it feels like we are juggling a million things, all of which require immediate decisions. Especially now as we shelter in place, it feels like so many "other things" are taking precedence over our time.

Am I right? Or, am I right?

And it’s true, we are juggling a lot. By the time we end our day, estimates say we have made up to 35,000 decisions - WHEW!!! That’s a lot of choices. What if we took more time to focus on the little decisions so that when it came to the big choices we are inevitably faced with, we’re able to move forward with an even stronger sense of clarity, confidence, & purpose? When you wake up, do you have a routine? I am not just talking about a to-do list, but a plan as soon as your eyes pop open and your feet hit the floor? What is the first thing you do? I challenge you, now more than ever: start with making your bed. It may be considered a micro-decision (on the small scale), but it’s one well worth it. It sets the entire tone for your day - and for your household. Consider it accomplishment #1! Now, think through your morning rituals both from the past and currently. From the bed you might stumble into the bathroom. Then you may head to get your coffee (or large cup of warm lemon water!). By the time you get back, you have 2 pets, 2 kids, & a 1 husband (still!) in your bed.

Ayiyi. Set yourself up for success by kick-starting your day productively. Just like your mom always said, “make your bed.”

When you begin your day in this fashion, it’s proven to: - Increase productivity - Lower your stress - Improve your mood Those reasons alone are good enough for me! Making your bed first thing in the morning also helps create an inviting, organized atmosphere, welcoming rest & peace into your bedroom, your personal sanctuary. I can't imagine a person out there NOT wanting this right now. If you want to feel more content, focused, & clear-minded, and ultimately have a more joyful impact each day, NO MATTER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, start with the micro-decision of making your bed. It can and will have an even bigger effect on all 31,199 of the micro- and macro-decisions throughout your day, week, month, and get the picture.

But first!

Make. Your. Bed.

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