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Long Lost Chores

It’s in these times, when everyone is at home, that "the mess" gets the biggest.


Your floors need sweeping & bathrooms need cleaning.

Your family is everywhere all over your house...all the time...and it’s wearing you out.

“If only we could get back to normal,” you sigh under your breath as you wash the dishes.....again...and AGAIN.

Many women find themselves doing everything while their children have little responsibility other than school work, playing outside, & spending endless hours on YouTube (sigh). The chores are long lost and MOM. IS. EXHAUSTED.

BUT! There is a better way.

There is no better time than now to create a household chore system to invite balance into your home and transform your exhaustion to joyful contribution & harmony.


Every family member is capable of doing something, contributing in some way, big or small. I mean, we all make the mess. Let’s work together to clean it up.


Here are 8 tips to create a family chore system to bring balance into your home today:

1. Create a schedule AND make it visible

Create a chore chart so everyone knows what is expected of them on which days. Stick to it and set reminders on your phone if you need to.

Pinterest has a ton of PDFs to download or you can have fun creating a free custom one in Canva.

Hang the chart in a central location where everyone sees it daily.

2. Age is just a number

Ensure chores are age appropriate. But remember, your child is capable of doing more than you think. Determine when it's the right time to allow them to graduate to doing things themselves. (Folding clothes, putting away dishes, sweeping, etc.).

3. Everyone has a job

Set the tone in your home that we contribute together. If they are doing chores, offer to help, even ask if they want to help you. Sometimes they will (let them surprise you!).

4. Divvy it up

When kids get to choose their work, they are more likely to take ownership of their job. So, create a list of all of the chores & divide them up based on which jobs your child chooses. Each person should be given 1 complex job and 1 less difficult job until all chores are assigned.

5. They mirror you

"Little eyes are always watching." Demonstrate exactly how you want the job done. And do the chores first in their presence, and with their attention. Have them watch you, then have them do it, and if they get it wrong, show them grace and walk through it again. And again. And again. Patience is key here. They are alllllways watching you!

6. Payment or just contribution?

Decide from the beginning if you want to pay your kids or if they will simply contribute to the function of the household.

There are specific jobs which yield compensation in my household; however, not all jobs are created equal or will put money in their pocket. Have the payment match the complexity of the work and be sure not to start paying too much too soon.

7. Stewardship

We can actively practice gratitude through taking care of our belongings and modeling to our families what it takes to keep our things in order.

Being thankful and a good steward starts with taking care of what has been entrusted to you. If you have a home, it has to be taken care of, cleaned, & kept up. The same goes for a bedroom, yard, & car and its never too early to introduce this concept to kiddos....and your husband. ;)

8. You’re fired

Make sure everyone knows the consequences if their job is left unfinished. In the "real world," there are risks if you leave work undone. You might lose pay or even get fired.

Set clear expectations for your kiddos.

Show your family that mom is the leader and the model, but NOT superwoman.

You cannot do everything; nor do you need to try.

By creating a chore system, your family will be able to take ownership of their jobs, contribute to the welfare of the family, & create a balanced + more peaceful home.

Long lost chores.

Lost. No. More.

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