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Distance Learning Resources for You Moms

(Guest Post)

There's a group of people here for YOU, mamas, as you continue navigating this distance learning adventure:

They understand the stress you may be going through, now, and for some, every day as we settle in to this new normal of distance learning and continue our stay-at-home orders.

The challenges you normally experience, such as your child’s inability to focus and sit still, anxiety, emotional regulation, time management, impulsivity - or more - may be exacerbated.

Exacerbated you say??? Well that's fun to add to the already dense mix of working from home (maybe even 2 or more adults in your house!), figuring out how to help your home run smoothly, maintaining your health, making your bed, and overall just fighting the feeling of overwhelm.


But take heart, help is below!

You may also be noticing your child struggle in ways you haven’t noticed before, including trouble following directions, reading, or motivation.

In fact, to help identify any potential red flags, here are some things to look for when it comes to your child’s learning, development, & mental well-being, in aditon to what you can do about it, today!

  • Is it slow and laborious?

  • Are they missing site words, having trouble sounding out or pronouncing words, or guessing words often?

  • How is their comprehension? Are they able to retell the story? Are they missing details or the gist of the story?

  • Is it legible?

  • Do they fatigue easily?

  • Do they have a proper grasp?

  • How is their hand-eye coordination?

  • Are they able to sit still at an age-appropriate level?

  • Can they focus without you having to sit right beside them?

  • Do they need concepts or directions repeated many times?

  • Do they have poor memory?

  • Are they motivated and engaged more often than not?

The good news though?! The brain can change!

Children who have an imbalance in their brain and who have some learning or behavioral issue will generally also have a poorly coordinated motor system.

So, the next time you take a body and brain break, try 1 of these screen-free activities to help strengthen your child’s gross and fine motor skills, improve brain balance, and promote learning through attention, focus, and creativity - all while having fun.

  • Hula hoop, jump rope, jumping jacks, sidewalk chalk, dancing, trampoline

  • Playing "hot lava" while balancing on uneven terrain

  • Superman and other yoga poses, breathing mindfully

  • Play "mirror" and have your child mimic you

  • Smell game: blindfold child and have them guess different smells

  • Flashlight or shadow tag

  • Play "horse" indoors or outdoors, throw/catch with different sizes/weights of objects

  • Play-doh, finger painting, beading, sewing, scissor art, origami

And you don't have to see differences in your child to choose from the list above.

Just do it for FUN!!!

Brain Balance of San Diego has been honored to have helped over 40,000 families; if you do need it, we can help you get to the root of your child’s challenges.

Research has shown our work can help children with ADHD (and other challenges). Nearly all students who participated in our program have shown to improve their mental well-being by 40-50% as well as cognitive skills related to executive functioning.

We'd LOVE to hear from you and discover how we can help YOU and your family today. Get in touch to learn more on how we can support your family's individual needs through our Virtual Program and schedule your virtual cognitive assessment today!

Don't wait to pay close attention to your child - their health and development depend on it.

Paying close attention doesn't just help diagnose early, it will also show your children you care and increase family levels of connectdedness, happiness, & contentment.

Oh, and you guessed it - JOY.

Because, who doesn't want.....



Amanda Lee, M.A.Ed. is a lifelong learner. She is a sponge for information and active in promoting equity and access to quality education. She believes every person should have the opportunity to actualize their full potential and to live life to the fullest, and is currently serving as Center Director at Brain Balance of San Diego to do just that. Her other passions include dancing, beach volleyball, enjoying the outdoors, travel, and being a foodie. Every day she aims to inspire and be inspired.

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