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Stop Should-ing All Over Yourself

Have you ever come to the conclusion that you should be doing something more?

Girl - listen up!

Everyday we're attempting some sort of new balancing act. You check your list of to-dos saying, “I have to do this, but I should be doing that.”

Stop should-ing yourself to death.

As soon as the "shoulds" start to slip into your mind, you know what happens: the guilt.

And what is guilt anyways?! Ultimately it's a nasty mix of a little bit of fear, sprinkle in some doubt, & of course a whole cup of anxiety. All rolled up into an unwelcome yet all-too-familiar recipe that can derail the best of us.

Are you nodding your head in agreement yet?

We "should" all over ourselves without even thinking about it. How many times a day are you thinking something like:

  • I should have made my child’s costume.

  • I should have bought a house by now.

  • I should eat more dark leafy greens.

  • I should go workout.

  • I should visit or call that family member.

  • I should be less insecure.

  • I should give and volunteer more.

Is this type of thinking serving you? Or is it weighing you down? I'd venture to guess the latter.

Here's the only should I want you to walk away with: I should stop shoulding.

I'm 100% serious.

When we have a should mindset we hold onto guilt and it seeps into our entire body. We allow fear to control our decisions. And we give doubt + anxiety the reins of our life.

Is that how you want to live??? Or, are you ready to

clean up your brain space and invite a renewed sense of organization into your mind?

Now you may be wondering what shoulding has to do with organization. Here's how it works:

When you begin to live more organized, especially in mindset, the different aspects of your life come into a natural balance. And when you find your unique balance, you step into the confidence it takes to stop the shoulds.

Instead of dwelling on the things you should do, pick fewer things to do and don't fret the rest.

Decide what you need or want to do and do it. Or...LET IT GO! If you don’t get around to "it," allow yourself to choose from these options to alleviate any unnecessary guilt:

  1. Make "it" a priority the next opportunity you have

  2. Give yourself permission to shake "it" off completely

  3. Pick a new phrase from below to re-frame your thinking around what "it" is

Take the pressure off - we've all got enough as it is. And once you begin to practice this ability to let it go, you give others around you the same permission, lightening the huge, undeniable societal pressure we're all carrying around unnecessarily.

Not sure where to start?

Here are a few ways to change your thinking when it comes to the shoulds:

When you feel them start to creep in, change your "I should [fill in the blank]" to:

  • I want to ...

  • I would like to ...

  • I hope ...

  • I pray ...

  • I will ...

Doesn't that already feel like an alleviation to see those words instead?

What if all the things you feel you should do are exactly what's creating imbalance in your family, making your entire household feel disorganized?

What if all the accomplishments you feel you should have already achieved are what's holding you back from taking steps to make it happen?

And what if the way you feel you should be spending your time is robbing you of seeing the incredible beauty and JOY that's right in front of you if you could just let "it" go?

Simple mindset shifts will keep you organized, focused, & confident of your purpose in life leading to more balance, clarity, and ultimately a little more joy.

What are you waiting for? Transform your shoulds today.

Need a little encouragement to let go of your shoulds? Don't we all?!

Setup a FREE "Joy Session" with me today!

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