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Healing Breathwork Coaching Session

Intention setting + prayer + a simple 2-step breathwork session

  • 175 US dollars
  • Zoom

This Joyful Mindset Coaching Service Includes:

This is a 1-hour healing breathwork coaching session where we will explore what I call Prayerapy: ☑️ Prayer & intention setting ☑️ 2-step, simple + guided Revelation Breathwork ☑️ Shared reflection The aim of our time together will be revealing & healing anything you may need while also enhancing & elevating your mindset. Some of the benefits of this particular type of breathwork are that it may: ☑️ Detox your body ☑️ Elevate your mood ☑️ Help you gain mental clarity ☑️ Increase muscle tone ☑️ Relieve stress & anxiety ☑️ Decrease any inflammation ☑️ Assist in any creativity blocks ☑️ Give yourself an energy boost ☑️ Have the potential to help you cope with depression + heal trauma And, of course, our discussion will also revolve around what helps you encounter your unique JOY and what may be hindering your experience of JOY on a daily basis. This session is 60 minutes long, can be for 1 on 1 OR for a couple, and will be held on Zoom. Also available for in-person in San Diego. *Ask about in-person AND group events:

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