5 days.

5 simple steps to shift your mindset.


This course will help YOU learn new ways to experience & invite in just a little more daily en*JOY*ment!


Through this courses 5 videos, I'll be sharing an action plan for YOU to increase your positivity + energy levels. We'll discuss simple yet powerful shifts you can make, 1 day at a time, to create the future you want to create, starting now!


We'll cover topics like:

  • Soaking in the silly, little things

  • Helping others to shift your focus 

  • Inviting in introspective practices

  • Fun.....& more fantastic fun

  • Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts...it all starts with a thought!


Your current circumstances, past experiences, & ideas you have about *JOY* are all just a starting point. 



  • Am I living a content life or am I often anxious, unsettled, & nervous?

  • Do I truly believe my future can be created?

  • Can I articulate what it is that brings me joy?

  • What practices do I have of self-reflection?

  • Do I have a growth mindset?


If your answer to any of the above is uncertain or hesitant at all, JOIN ME!!!



5 Secrets of *JOY*: Online Course



    Hi - I'm Kyle!
    Wife, mother, & divine-driven life coach for ambitious, hard-working, bad-ass women...
    Oh, & queen of wearing rose-colored glasses. 😉
    In other words, an unshakable optimist ready to find YOU a renewed sense-of-self confidence & refreshed daily contentment so YOU can live your purpose - starting NOW!


    Live more intentionally today. 
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