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Starting Fall 2021


Group + 1 on 1 sessions over Zoom

The Vibrant Me Academy!

The 5-month academy to learn + put into practice exactly how to elevate your mindset, identify your purpose, live to your fullest potential, & "choose a little more joy" every single day!

The Vibrant Me Academy!
The Vibrant Me Academy!

Time & Location

Starting Fall 2021

Group + 1 on 1 sessions over Zoom

About the Event

If you’re an ambitious woman who wants to live to your fullest, most vibrant potential, then you already know that you need to uplevel & conquer your mindset. 🤯

But, just the thought of spending dedicated time working on yourself might make you want to run & hide. I get it; it's uncomfortable. You don’t want people to think you are selfish or even struggling, but you also know that your low-grade anxiety, constant comparison, & sometimes daily feelings of exhaustion are not going away on their own - especially at the pace you're going!

Whether you’re a first-time mindset explorer in an early phase of her career or a more experienced woman looking at life after the kids are grown & the career has come to a close, you'll be in great company in this academy! We are a group of optimistic, ambitious women ready to live more fully into our dream lives by defining what we want - and going after just that! 

Don't worry! I’ll teach you the simple, trusted process (with 4 key elements) you can follow to know exactly how to clarify & elevate your mindset so you can confidently be on the way to YOUR definition of success in no time at all!

This program is for bold, vibrant ladies who are done feeling guilty, anxious, or envious of others' happiness & instead are ready to confidently define the life they want to live. 🥳️

By the end of this 5 month program you will have...

  • Learned how to shift your thoughts, value yourself, dug in to WHO you are, and found how to strike a daily balance no matter your circumstances.
  • Gained clarity to elevate, then uplevel your experience of everyday life - personally, vocationally, & relationally.
  • Identified your authentic purpose and learned to live into your most vibrant, highest potential. You'll know how to go after your unique purpose wholeheartedly, unabashed, & unapologetically!
  • Practiced how you can make more confident decisions across all areas of your life, alleviating decision fatigue and feelings of comparison + impostor syndrome.
  • Increased your energy, enthusiasm, & ultimately your daily recognition of joy!

Transform your limiting beliefs, disrupt negative self-talk, & increase your daily energy + positivity. You'll walk away with more clarity, confidence, & contentment - ultimately the life YOU want to live, starting now, with just a little shifting.

Join me in adventuring through what it means to become the healthiest, fullest, most “Vibrant Me!”

  • New positivity
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced daily outlook
  • Limitless possibilities - now doesn’t that sound amazing?! 🎉

When you join the Vibrant Me Academy we get to work together over the period of 5 months to get you feeling energized, motivated, & supported to improve your life - every single day. With group sessions, personal coaching, & fun, customized exercises to get your joy muscles in shape, we’ll take time to slow our thoughts, clarify our personal value system, take stock of what our identities mean to us, & confidently explore what balance means to us each individually.

Program Benefits:

  • Life and joy support, both 1 on 1 & in a community, resulting in personal contentment and fulfillment to become the best, most vibrant you
  • Tools to equip you to live into the fullest version of yourself including monthly at-home mindset exercises, “Joy Muscle Missions,” & encouraging gifts to continue your growth on an ongoing basis
  • Guided prayer, breathwork, & visualization to assist in your daily contentment and progress

What You Receive Each Month:

  • 1, 90 minute call of teaching on the monthly self-discovery topic
  • 1, 60 minute 1 on 1 session with “prayerapy” (prayer therapy, get it?!), breathwork, & guided visualization to support your personal growth + development, to review monthly progress, and answer any questions you have
  • 1, 30 minute group Q&A to keep us all on track, together!
  • Personal action planning journal with prompts, exercises, “Joy Muscle Missions,"  inspirational quotes, and more - think of this as your textbook for the academy!
  • Bonus expert trainings from other mindset thought leaders
  • Surprise gifts in the mail to encourage & support your continued growth
  • Ongoing access to your coach (ME!) throughout the program via email or text for in-between questions, thoughts, & support

Ultimately, we'll be discovering the most VIBRANT version of YOU - while enhancing your clarity, confidence, + contentment on a daily basis. The work you put into this group experience will quickly spill over into everything you do and everything you are.

This Is For You If: 

  • You are ready to ELEVATE your life & energy to a new level (even if you don’t think it’s possible!)
  • You KNOW that there is something more to unlock within you but need direction & confidence to call it forth
  • You want greater FREEDOM to express yourself in all areas of life - personally, at work, and in relationships
  • You are craving more ENTHUSIASM for everyday but can’t seem to figure out what’s blocking you from feeling it right now
  • You love the idea of ongoing ENCOURAGEMENT to teach & cheer you on as you go for your dreams, one step at a time
  • You feel a little NERVOUS and EXCITED thinking about all of this!!!

How We’ll Get There!

The Planning: Each session we’ll focus on learning + committing to taking baby steps forward with new experiences & experiments designed to elevate your mindset to new frequencies of JOY. New positivity, more possibilities - and we’ll get there, together! We’ll work 1 on 1 and in a group setting with customized techniques which allow you to walk away feeling energized, motivated, supported, & ready to tackle whatever the day ahead may bring.

The Tools: Using a prompt based journaling approach, I’ll ask questions and pivot my teaching, advice, & ideas based on where YOU are at. You’ll utilize real-time manifestation & visualization techniques to increase your ability to tap into your sense of purpose while elevating your thoughts to new stages of authentic, personal contentment. Based on your level of need + comfort, there will be customized take-away assignments and experiments to continue work in between sessions. 

The Support: Throughout our time together, you’ll have direct access to ME to ask ongoing questions and to get the motivation you need to KEEP GOING! You’ll have access to me and my other trainings to ensure you get unstuck and keep moving forward, one day at a time.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the best YOU to the surface so you continue showing up as fully YOU, every day. Our time together will improve your relationships, career, & most importantly your own view of yourself, making each day feel as if it’s a new beginning to feel alive, joyful, & the most vibrant you, you can be!


  • Early Bird

    Ticket includes the following for 5 months: - 90 minute Group Zoom Trainings - 60 minute 1 on 1 Check-in Sessions - 30 minute Q&A Group Zoom Sessions - Ongoing support via email, text, and/or Voxer - Personal Action-Planning Journal - Surprise gifts in the mail!!! - Guest Trainings & Sessions (to be announced!)

  • Monthly (5 Monthly Payments)

    This is for 5 monthly payments. You will pay 1 month now and then on the 1st of each month of the program. Ticket includes the following for 5 months: - 90 minute Group Zoom Trainings - 60 minute 1 on 1 Check-in Sessions - 30 minute Q&A Group Zoom Sessions - Ongoing support via email, text, and/or Voxer - Personal Action-Planning Journal - Surprise gifts in the mail!!! - Guest Trainings & Sessions (to be announced!)




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